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Name:Miles Edgeworth
Birthdate:Jan 16, 1992

  • miles edgeworth
  • 20 years old
  • prosecuting attorney

  • hmd
  • ic contact
  • cr chart/thread tracking

  • also great with kids.

    Interests (46):

    always carrying a spare cravat, always taking the stairs, attempting to smile but failing, being a big bro, being a disciple of von karma, being a smarmy jerk, being chic, being filthy stinking rich, brooding, constant interior design commentary, cravats, cutting detectives' salaries, disproportionately sized hands, dogs, don't touch me you're poor, eliminating crime, fine clothing, franziska von karma, guilty verdicts, having good fashion sense, incidental exercise, it's wine red not pink, keeping important evidence in satchels, manfred von karma, no frills no thrills, nook and cranny, not air raids, not being whipped, not defense attorneys, not earthquakes, not elevators, not flamenco dancing, not little brother, not mind-control, not small talk, perfect records, perfectly matching umbrellas, properly mashed potatoes, prosecuting, red sports cars, samurai, stating the obvious, stringent sentencing procedures, tea, tragic backstories, winning staring matches
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